Have you ever had Ultra Premium espresso?

The secret to great espresso is not in over roasting or burning the beans. Rather, the secret lies in properly blending the beans and roasting to create a smooth sweet finish with the proper crema.


Brioni’s Maranello

This blend is a classic italian espresso with low acidity, deep chocolate notes, with a smooth, sweet finish. Blended for great body and thick, sweet crema.
Decaf also available.

Brioni’s Testaroasta
This racy espresso appeals to those who prefer a darker, west coast style. Blended to release more acidity, also the crema is sure to impress.
Decaf available.


Some information about espresso that you might now know…..

Crema is a part of the espresso beverage. However espresso is not meant to be all crema, nor should it be less than 1/10th crema. People should evaluate espresso purely by the appearance of espresso, the aromatics, the mouthfeel, the flavor and long-lasting finish. As a technical definition, crema is really just gas bubbles suspended in a liquid film that has high surface tension between the water molecules.

Just getting extraction is not the point…you want the right KIND of extraction. Espresso can be over, under, or poorly extracted, the roast too light or not ground properly. These issues are solved in tandem with the right coffee and equipment. NEVER underestimate the value of the right equipment. Professionally made espresso equipment is expensive because it yields professional results. It can last you a lifetime.

If you are thinking about a value equipment solution because you have a smaller budget, let us source the right equipment for you. Where many buyers feel great about an inexpensive solution, they quickly discover the hidden costs related to inconsistent results, maininence, durability, production and cleaning.