French Press is by far the best way to brew coffee. As there is no filtering process and the coffee is in direct contact with the brew water all the essential oils and flavor qualities come through in each sip. Traditionally proper french press preparation calls for a coarse grind. Brioni’s has taken the grinding step out of this process by providing a one-ounce pack of perfectly ground french press coffee. Simply add one package per eight-ounce brew and enjoy the worlds finest coffee.


5 Easy Steps to Great French Press Coffee




You need the best pot for French Press; the Frieling 18/20 stainless steel, double wall insulated pot which is designed for heavy, commercial use.

Cleans beautifully, stays hot 3x longer than glass pots and virtually no need for replacement





Remove plunger, empty (1) Brionis French Press pac into 17oz. pot or (2) pacs for the 34oz. pot.



Notice the reference line below the spout that indicates the max water level.

We grind our exclusive French Press Pac to the optimum size and portion.

Pour hot water over grinds slowly, stopping halfway to gently shake the pot and make sure all grinds are wet. Finish adding hot water until just below the spout.


Stir with a spoon to ensure that all the grinds are wet.

Keep the water line below the spout as when you press the plunger, coffee does not squirt out of the spout.

To the left is the “Cap”. This forms when fresh grinds are steeped, resulting in gas and natural oils being released from the fresh beans.


After steeping for approx 4 min, (this varies based on your taste for strength and extraction) place plunger into pot and gently push down (you might notice some resistance as the cap is quite compact).

For Reference:

After 4 minutes of steeping, you will notice abundant crema underneath the cap.

The crema holds rich, intense, slightly sweet flavors that when kept in the coffee, create an unparalleled experience.



After plunging the strainer, pour immediately as the crema will start to re-incorporate into the coffee.

Notice the heady layer of crema on top; impossible to obtain with drip coffee machines.

Presto! You have just prepared the most delicious cup of coffee available.


You can consistently and easily steep perfect coffee anywhere with the Brionis French Press – “Made Easy”!